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Tariffs and subscriptions
Subscription fees :

40€ including inssurance, materials as well as discounts for workshops organized during the year.

Freezing account fees :

You can freez your account for a maximum period of 3 months without loosing your status, for a monthly fee of 20€. After that period you will be requiered to resuscribe.

Unsubscription :

In order to unsubscribe your are requested to notify the school before the 20th day of the previous month.
No reimbourssement will be possibile for ongoing months, as well as for ongoing workshops.
The subscription fees is not refundable.

Prices :
Monthly subscriptionsAdultsKids
One class per week: 60€ 50€
2 class per week: 96€ 75€
3 class per week: 120€- €
4 class per week: 128€- €
5 class per week: 140€- €
6 class per week: 144€- €
8 class per week: 192€- €
Access to all class
300€ - paiment per trimester 286€
General prices:
Renewal of subscription and insurance fees: 30€ - Yearly to be paid at the reception
New subscription and insurance fees: 60€ - Yearly to be paid at the reception
Test Class:20€Will be deducted from first subscription
Private clases: 50€/h 
Card of 10 class: 180€ 
Hold your spot: 20€ 
For regular class, registration is at the selected venue :
Payment upon arrival or via bank transfer:

Associacion Aerial dance & acrobatics Spain
IBAN: ES44 0182 8183 9102 0163 4842
Comment: Your full name + chosen class

Prior to his/hers first class, every student will be requested to pay its insurance fee. No exception to this rule could be made.

Private class pricing (1,2 or 3 people) are available upon demand.