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Aerial silk teachers training program

Level 1 “ the essence”

Welcome to the Aerial silk training program initiated by the Aerial School LC.

This training program is designed for those who wish to unveil the secret of teaching aerial acrobatics/silk., preparing the body for the expected level of effort, possessing the required anatomical knowledge, structuring your teaching, creating sequences, poses, drops, slides ... All in with the purpose of sharing your knowledge with your students.

This Training session is inspired by years of experience as an acrobat, but also as an acrobatics, stretching, and physical training master teacher.


The training program is divided into a theoretical part and a practical part, aiming on delivering its students with a complete toolbox, allowing them to master all exercises of the Level 1 course, and thus being able to using them in order to create sequences and routines.

The training program includes the teaching of warm-up, with and without the silk, climbing, poses, slides and drops, as well as the anatomical knowledge necessary for their understanding, and the acquiring of the capability to offer a professional follow-up to your students, and thus insuring their competence.

The training program will take place during 3 consecutive week-ends of 11h of class.
A total of 33h of theory and practice will be given.
All the training program participants will also receive a copy of our manual, regrouping the exercises and acrobatic elements taught fur further reference.


Saturday June 2nd :9h30 to 16h30
Sunday June 3rd : 9h30 to 15h

Saturday June 9th :9h30 to 16h30
Sunday June 10th : 9h30 to 15h

Saturday June 16th : 9h30 to 16h30
Sunday June 17th :9h30 to 15h



*In order to book your place in the training program, please leave a deposit of 50% of the total amount. The rest can be paid during the reception on the first day of the program.