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LC Trainig© 2013
An innovating method for physical training
LCT is a thorough training method developed by Laura Coll, strengthen by an experience of over 20 years in gymnastics, classic dance, contemporary dance, yoga, and acrobatics. This diversity allowed her to have a global view over physical training, and developing a complete method, healthy and efficient, allowing to prepare one's body toward effort. The LCT method is pushing towards a total body workout, working every muscle of the body, thus respecting the natural balance of the body, as well as developing a muscular and articular flexibility, necessary for achieving a healthy body.

Understanding it is impossible to achieve long-term results without constant effort is a key element. It is through regular training, and dedication to the task, that the LCT method makes all its sense and achieves astonishing results. The LCT method is a great way to get in shape, regain the body's natural posture and flexibility, as well as developing a consciousness toward one's body.
The LCT method is suitable for professional athletes, as well as for amateurs looking for a way to be in shape.
The LCT method is not a method based on achieving quick results in order to create belief without real change. It is rather a method resulting in a long term training, bring its user to a certain, sustainable result.

An appropriate physical training, regularity, and the power of will, are the necessary ingredients to a good and healthy body at its maximum capacity.