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My experience at your service
With over 20 years of experience in disciplines as varied as the gymnastics, dance, yoga, physical rehabilitation training, and aerial acrobatics, Laura Coll had all the tools in hand to develop a unique physical training method, sustainable and efficient as one(LCT).

Laura spent most of her childhood in her mother's physical training and rehabilitation center in Spain, where she absorbed notions of physiognomy, and general anatomy on a daily basis. Laura starts following ballet lessons in a reputed school in Barcelona at a young age, and graduated from the "Institut del teatre de Barcelona".

At only 15, Laura's touring Europe's biggest venues as a professional dancer (flamenco dance troop). Her day by day life is composed of international performances, European road trips, operas, etc.

10 year later, Laura discovers the aerial acrobatics world and is quick to achieve a worldwide acknowledgment. Her reputation leads her around the globe performing, but also leading international coaching clinics for professional acrobats.

It's those years of experience, and learning, that are the heart of the LCT method, and made its success among professionals for the past 7 years, and more recently among the general public.

More info available on : www.laura-coll.com