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Intensivisimo - Intensive aerial acrobatics class
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Do you wish to improve your aerial skills, or maybe you wish to get initiated?
But time seems to fly and you don't have the opportunity to follow regular weekly class during the year?

AERIAL SCHOOL by LAURA COLL has the solution for you : Intensive aerial acrobatics class of 5 consecutive days, from Monday to Friday, allowing you to learn improve and practice different climbs, keys, poses, slides and drops.

Several months of collective class work summed up during one week of work and fun.

How is it possible?

Thanks to 3h work per day over the class period.


At Terrassa, 20min away from Barcelona.


October 26th, 27th from 17h to 20h and Octber 28th from 11h to 14h

What's the price of it?

220€ for the 3 day class

Any prerequirements?

Basic notion of aerial acrobatics (at least being able to invert of the floor), a bunch of energy, and a strong will to work to the max during the week!!!

How do I subscribe?

Send us an email with your coordinates, full name, phone number, and the proof of payment on one of the following bank account :

Belgian account :
IBAN : BE76 0014 3786 9695

Spanish account :
IBAN : ES44 0182 8183 9102 0163 4842

Don't hesitate to contact us for any further question you might have!

See you soon!