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Practical info - FAQ

1. Who can follow the class

All ASLC's class or adapted both to professional acrobats and amateurs willing to stay in shape.

2. At what age can we start following the school's class?

The LCT method class as well as the aerial acrobatics class are suitable for children as of 9 years old. we offer junior class to two age categories, 9 to 12 and 13 to 15 (schedule).

3. How to dress for class? What should I wear?

The acrobatics class requires:

- A leotard or tight jogging. Think of having warm-ups to make sure your muscles stay warm.
- Socks and sports shoes might sometime be necessary during warm-up.
- Don't forget to bring your bottle of water.
- Do not forget to remove all kind of jewelry prior to class.

In case of need, adapted leotards could be purchased at the school.

4. When should I arrive to class?

It is recommended to arrive 15 minutes in advance in order to have time to change and be ready for class.

5. How much does it cost?

The class price varies depending on the subscription package you choose. Private class are also available (1 to 3 people) on demand. Check our tariffs here