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What follows applies to all the pages of this website as well as all forms, publicity or other informational material put forward by the ASLC team. By y using this material, and/or by participating in our class, you accept the disposition here under entirely.

Protecting your privacy

Personal details could be required of you during correspondence and/or registration. in which case, those information will be asked from you in a clear manner (form filling for instance). None of the collected information will be transmitted to a third party, nor put at their disposition, except in a specific circumstances, such as a legal obligation to do so. It is your right to ask, at any given time, for your personal information to be erased from our files. However, some information will be collected indirectly, such as the number of visitor consulting the website, information regarding their internet supplier, web sites formerly visited etc. Such information will be collected collectively and non nominatively.

Limitation of responsibilities

All information reproduced as part of the ASLC communication are exclusively destined for personal usage, no right can result of the reproduction of the information (except the case of print mistake). We do all in our capacity to offer complete and precise information. That been said, we decline any responsibility for any kind of damage that might result from the use of the information published, from the fact it is incomplete or inexact.


All information published by ASLC can be altered without any prior notice. We do our best to make this communication material available, and decline any responsibility in case of non availability of this information.

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