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General conditions
Only the general conditions written in French can be used in case of conflict. The text here under is provided for information purposes only.

1. Generalities

1.1. Signing the affiliation contract enables you to become a member (here after referred to as the « Member ») of the Aerial School LC (here after referred to as « ASLC »).
1.2. ASLC is a private club putting its facilities and equipment at the disposition of its members within the schedule of the activities it offers.
1.3. The affiliation contract is submitted to the Belgian laws. Any disagreement will be looked upon exclusively under the Belgian law, and will be treated in French.
1.4. These present conditions apply to the entire range of services offered by ASLC.

2. Affiliation

2.1. ASLC reserves the right to modify its tariffs and/or its general conditions at any moment and without prior notice. The ASLC members will be notified a month in advance in case of tariff modification.
2.2. Our affiliation is strictly personal, and cannot be transmitted without prior authorization of the ASLC.
2.3. ASLC reserves the right to demand the showing of a valid ID prior to registration of a new member.
2.4. ASLC could, at any moment, ask a member to present a valid ID in order to make sure he's allowed to use the club's facilities.

3. Affiliation fees

3.1. Registration and subscription fees will be paid up front. Any payment will be taken into consideration only after it has been accounted for (in case of payment via bank transfer).
3.2. ASLC can offer different type of payment facilities. Only one payment facility could be applied to a specific subscription.
3.3. All ASLC prices are announce VAT included. ASLC reserves the right to change those prices at any time in case of a modification of the VAT rate.

4. Private life

4.1. ASLC respects the dispositions of the 8 December 1992 law relative to the protection of your privacy, and the treatment of data of personal character.
4.2. Any data of personal character collected by ASLC will be used exclusively by ALSC and will not be transmitted to a third party, with the sole exception of third parties directly related to the execution of the affiliation contract.
4.3. The member is entitled to request a copy of all the information, concerning him, collected by the ASLC.

5. affiliation termination

5.1. In case a member can prove a serious misbehavior by the ASLC regarding its contractual obligations, and informs ASLC within 7 days of the misbehavior. ASLC will accept the termination of the affiliation contract and will pay back to the member the remaining of the subscription. 5.2. ASLC reserves the right to dissolve the affiliation contract, without any right, on behalf of the member, to claim damages, in case the member does not respect the inner rules and regulations of ASLC, as well as the general conditions described here under.

6. temporary suspension

6.1. The member can suspend its subscription for a limited amount of time, in case of sickness. In order to exercise this right, the member must present ASLC with a valid medical certificate covering the suspension period.
6.2. ASLC reserves the right to claim a fixed fee of 15€ for the execution of the suspension.

7. Opening hours

7.1. ASLC reserve the right to close totally or partly in case of need. The closing of the club will be announced on the clubs website.
7.2. ASLC reserves the right to modify temporarily or definitively the opening hours of the club.
7.3. ASLC can close the club in order to conduct necessary renovation works, without prior notice.

8. information obligation

8.1. The member is under the obligation to notify ASLC in case of a modification in its status (his coordinates for example).
8.2. In case such modifications are not communicated to ASLC (on time), and that ASLC should engage in spending in order to retrieve such information. ASLC reserves the right to claim those fees from the member.

9. Personal Training

9.1. Personal training services are offered by ASLC. Those services are not included within the payment of a class and/or a subscription.

10. Responsibility

10.1. ASLC declines any responsibility towards its members or any third party, with the exception of liability directly related to a misbehavior by the ASLC or one of its staff, or in case of injury under the legal insurance contracted by the member.
10.2. Each member will be sole responsible to personal accidents as well as its private belongings. Even though an insurance is contracted by =ASLC for its members, we recommend the member contract an independent insurance prior to its physical and/or acrobatics training. After its affiliation, the member will be requested to pay the amount of 20€ yearly to cover its insurance fees.
10.3. ASLC and its staff could not be held accountable in case of damage, theft or loss of personal belonging of a member within the club. Our members are requested to stow their belonging.

11. Internal regulation

11.1. The member is aware of the clubs internal regulations. Those regulations are available in the club, and/or upon demand. The member is under the obligation of respecting those regulations at any time.
11.2. ASLC and any member of its staff, reserves the right to forbid the access to the clubs facilities to any person who's behavior unsoothing.

12. Final dispositions

12.1. Only further written agreement will be taken into account. Any modification to those agreements as well as to these conditions, should be done in writing.
12.2. In case one of the dispositions above becomes void, or illegal, the other dispositions will remain available.
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