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Our Class - short description

Aerial acrobat - Silk, lyra, rope, trapeze

Aerial acrobatics is a discipline leading to a full body workout. It combines physical effort with flexibility, and artistic sense.
The aerial acrobatics class will enable you to regain control over your body, but improving your muscular consciousness, as well as your orientation, and your positioning in space.
The ASLC offers a variety of aerial acrobatics class (silk, lira, rope, and trapeze), all built over a common base.

Physical training (LCT)

The LCT method is pushing towards a total body workout, working every muscle of the body, thus respecting the natural balance of the body, as well as developing a muscular and articular flexibility, necessary for achieving a healthy body. The LCT method was developed by Laura Coll, and is the result of long and diversified experience of over 20 years in gymnastics, classic dance, contemporary dance, yoga, and acrobatics.
The LCT method is a great way to get in shape, regain the body's natural posture and flexibility, as well as developing a consciousness toward one's body.
The LCT physical training class are suitable both for professionals and amateurs.

Aerial Yoga

Aerial Yoga is an aerial discipline combining the essence of Yoga techniques, classical dance, and gymnastics, executed with the help of a suspended silk. Aerial yoga's principals has been in used for a couple of decades, but were vulgarized for the past years around the world.
The use of a suspended silk in a stretching, strength, and/or breathing activity, allows you to push your limits, and achieve a thorough workout. The simple fact of being suspended in the mid air is procuring a new sensation of wellbeing and stretching.
Through this class Laura Coll is sharing her extended experience in aerial disciplines and yoga, via an aerial yoga method she developed over the years.

Vinyasa Ashtanga Yoga

Vinyasa Ashtanga Yoga class are a perfect fit for those who wished to depend their flexibility all the while tonifying their body. This Yoga discipline is also very keen on breathing correctly during and after the effort.
This cocktail will induce a profound change and well being in your body, both on the physical and the spiritual levels.
This type of Yoga is repudiated as one of the most physically challenging


Complete stretching class, specially designed for professional dancers, acrobats, pole dancers etc. This class is a full body workout, front stretch, dorsal and lumbar arches, shoulders, lateral flexibility, spiral flexibility, frontal and lateral leg spreads, splits etc.
This class is open to anyone that whishes to gain in flexibility.